The Crimson Culture Gala is an annual event organized to allow students to expand their horizons by immersing themselves in cultures vastly different from their own and to promote an atmosphere of inclusivity and diversity on campus. We hope to do so through dance, music, fashion and food. The event is hosted by International Students Association, Honors College Assembly and South Asian Culture Club. Many cultural organizations as well as organizations that promote diversity and volunteer work abroad were present. The organizations are encouraged to create a tri-fold and bring promotional material to talk to students about their organization and culture they represent. The planning of the event began when the semester started so there was enough time to talk to student organizations, organize the event (location, décor, DJ) and arrange the food that was catered by cultural restaurants in Tuscaloosa. We encourage students to come “dressed to impress” (business casual) or in cultural clothes.

The event kicked off with food and an opportunity to meet the 19 organizations present. The night featured performances, fashion shows, and dance tutorials held by different organizations on campus. The night ended with an opportunity to showcase the new moves learned on the dance floor.

In the fall of 2018 The University of Alabama welcomed more than 1,200 International students from over 75 countries and territories to study and call Tuscaloosa their home. To learn more about multicultural clubs and opportunities at UA, please visit the Programs and Activities page and discover new ways to be involved today!

Participating Organizations

  1. African Student Association
  2. Asian American Student Association
  3. Association of Chinese Students and Scholars
  4. BLEND
  5. Caribbean Student Association
  6. Hispanic Latino Association
  7. Honors College Assembly
  8. International Relations Club
  9. International Students Association
  10. Korean Student Association
  11. Nepal Student Association
  12. German Club
  13. SACC
  14. Students for Fair labor
  15. Spectrum
  16. Crossroads
  17. Vietnamese Student Association
  18. Black Student Union
  19. Habitat for Humanity