Veterans Abroad

Recently, the number of veterans going abroad for a semester or even a year of study has rapidly increased thanks to veteran/military education benefits. The Education Abroad office and the Office of Veteran and Military Affairs have partnered together to make sure that veterans and/or their dependents here at UA can reap the benefits of study abroad. If you are interested in applying your VA benefits towards the cost of a program abroad, planning ahead and working closely with both offices will be key to your success.


Affiliate Provider Scholarships

Most affiliates have opened their diversity scholarships to military personnel. If you’re going abroad with one of our affiliates, make sure to check their website for more information.

Veteran Scholarship Database

Information on many public and private scholarships for active duty military and veterans.

Military Specific Scholarships

Scholarships for veterans and reservists by branch, as well as for family members of service men and women.

Military Members & Dependents Scholarships

Branch, Degree, and Dependent/Spouse specific Scholarship Guide.