Set-Up a Course

Course Approval Process

  1. Set up as follows,unless instructed otherwise by the Education Abroad Office (EA):
    1. Course sections number are 800 –810. Please get with EA for the section number to use.
    2. Update the title to reflect what’s offered by the program (example: Healthcare Mission-Russia).
    3. If the course is cross listed, indicate this on the program proposal or notify EA.
    4. Campus: Study Abroad(SA)
    5. Status: Active (A)
    6. Get the following from the instructor:
      1. Schedule Type
      2. Instructional Method
      3. Integration Partner
    7. Standard Letter Grade (S), EA internships are pass/fail(P).
    8. Advisor permission required(AA)
    9. The term must match the proposed term.
    10. Do notsetup withvarying credit hours. If course is set-up to offer varying hours, enter the proposed hours. If not,this can cause billing issues.
    11. Enrollment details will have the maximum listed on the program proposal.
    12. Instructor will be the instructor of record at UA.
    13. Finally, send course number and CRN# to the EA Director.Notify EA ifa new CRN# is assigned.
  2. If you have an existing course in the system that seems no longer in use, get with the EA prior to setup to make sure it has no future use.
  3. Additional courses not on the original faculty-led proposal will need to go through the EA Director.
  4. Maintain these courses each semester. Summer/Fall courses roll-over by mid-January, and spring courses mid-July, and must be maintained in Banner/Course Leaf to avoid being dropped.

When registration starts students will be permitted in these courses by EA who’ll give ALL initial permits. Once the initial permit is given, all additional permits/overrides are given by the departments at the student’s request.

Sample Course Setup