Faculty Led – Payment Process

Payment Instructions for UA Faculty-Led Programs:

Read below regarding how to make payments for faculty-led study abroad programs, as well as UA international internships.

Note: If making an online payment, you may read below, and/or review the HOW TO webpage: https://spark.adobe.com/page/YgjU86GdqjhK3/



Instructions for making program payments:

After you have completed the first phase of the online application and your status has been changed to “UA Endorsed,” your deposit is due in order to secure your spot in the program.

Pay Online – Credit cards and web checks only

View the tutorial or follow the payment instructions below through myBama

  1. Login to myBama
  2. Click on Student tab
  3. Select Pay Student Bill
  4. Select the Deposits tab
  5. Select Term
  6. Select study abroad program name based on the form of payment – i.e. Belize CC (credit card) or CK (check)
  7. Enter payment amount
  8. Select payment method
  9. Enter credit card/bank account information and follow the remaining payment screens

*Credit/Debit card payments are only accepted online and will include a non-refundable convenience fee of 2.85% (minimum $3.00). Web check payments will not incur the convenience fee.

Pay in Person – Cash and paper check only

  1. Print the Summarized Cost and Payment (SCP) sheet from your application
  2. Bring to the Education Abroad (EA) office located in 135 BB Comer
  3. EA will verify your acceptance and stamp your summarized cost sheet
  4. Take the stamped SCP sheet to Student Account Services (105 Student services Building) and make the program payment

Make any additional required payments, using the instructions above, on or before the date listed in the Summarized Cost and Payment sheet.

Students receiving aid (Scholarship, Financial Aid, State/Federal VA Benefits, PACT): 
Students wishing to use aid for study abroad must meet with an advisor in that office to discuss available options and to assure that funds are available by the deadline for final payment. The initial deposit of $250.00 must be paid by the participant.

Please note:

  • There may be enrollment rules that student’s must adhere to regarding aid. For instance, financial aid students must be at least half time (6 hours in summer) to receive federal funding.
  • Any portion of the balance due that is not covered by financial aid will be due by the dates specified on the budget sheet and Summarized Cost & Payment Sheet (see application). The student is responsible for the costs incurred even if no aid is awarded.

To request aid:

  1. Print the Summarized Cost and Payment sheet (PDF).
  2. Fill out student information.
  3. Take to Education Abroad office to obtain a signature (135 BB Comer).
  4. Take the signed SCP to the corresponding aid office (Scholarship, Financial Aid, State/Federal VA Benefits, PACT) to determine if you have aid eligibility to apply to these costs.

Withdrawal policy for UA Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

  • In the case of withdrawal of a participant, the charge to the student will be at least a $100.00 non-refundable cancellation fee plus the costs already incurred by the University of Alabama for the participant. This will be determined based upon the date of withdrawal and costs incurred for your specific program. If no costs have been incurred by the University, a refund will be credited to the participant student’s account.
    • To withdraw from a program, complete a Study Abroad Withdrawal Form: Withdrawal Form
    • To be considered for a medical or compassionate withdrawal, complete the Medical/Compassionate Withdrawal Form and turn it into the Director of Education Abroad. Be aware that proper documentation needs to be submitted for these types of withdrawals.