Spring 1, 2018

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Intensive English Program Schedule
January 4 New Student Testing & Orientation
January 5 New Student Registration & Orientation
January 8 First Day of Classes
January 9 Study Center Opens
January 15 Holiday (No Classes): MLK Holiday
January 8 – January 12 Registration for Institutional TOEFL
January 31 Half-Session Ends
February 2 – 8 Registration for Next Session
February 9 Deadline for Tuition Payment
February 16 Institutional TOEFL
February 23 Last Day of Class & Study Center Closes
February 26 & 27 Final Exams
February 27 Full Session Ends
Activities for Spring 1, 2018
Thursday, January 11 Ice Skating / Tinsel Trail Downtown
Tuesday, January 16 Square Dancing and Chili Supper
Saturday, January 27 McWane Science Center
Saturday, February 3 Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
Wednesday, February 7 Upsurge Trampoline Park
February 16 – 18 New Orleans Weekend Trip
Tuesday, February 27 Certificate Ceremony
Seminars for Spring 1, 2018
Friday, January 19 Volunteering, How to Get Involved Learn about student organizations on The University of Alabama campus and how to get connected. There will be a short introduction to various student-led and/or student-focused service programs. Then we’ll talk about service opportunities in Tuscaloosa.
Friday, January 26 Southern Cooking In this seminar, you will watch a PowerPoint presentation about how to cook Southern food. We will also discuss different foods that Southerners enjoy eating. Along with learning about Southern food, you will have an opportunity to taste a sample of Southern food.
Friday, February 2 Civil Rights Movement in Alabama This seminar will focus on a period in the 1950s and 1960s known as the Civil Rights Movement, when black people fought to have the same rights as white people. (The correct term would be equal rights).

In this seminar, students will learn about the Montgomery Bus Boycott and also what happened when the first black students came to The University of Alabama during the Civil Rights Movement.

Friday, February 9 Introduction to Pronunciation Do people find it difficult to understand your accent? Do you have trouble understanding native speakers outside of the ELI classroom? In this short introduction to pronunciation, learn some basic keys to understanding and being understood.
Friday, February 16 Phrasal Verbs Phrasal verbs cause headaches for adult English learners for a lot of reasons. Most languages don’t have them, they look like prepositions (English has plenty of prepositions), and they often have multiple meanings! This seminar will show you some patterns to help you learn phrasal verbs more easily.