Fall 2, 2017

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Intensive English Program Schedule
October 19 New Student Testing & Orientation
October 20 New Student Registration & Orientation
October 23 First Day of Classes
October 24 Study Center Opens
November 22 – 24 Holiday (No Classes): Thanksgiving
October 30 – November 3 Registration for Institutional TOEFL
November 14 Half-Session Ends
November 10 – 16 Registration for Next Session
November 17 Deadline for Tuition Payment
December 8 Institutional TOEFL
December 12 Last Day of Class & Study Center Closes
December 13 & 14 Final Exams
December 14 Full Session Ends
Activities for Fall 2, 2017
Tuesday, October 24 Welcome Activity / Picnic at Manderson Landing
Tuesday, October 31 Halloween Costume Contest
Saturday, November 11 Shopping at the Grand River Outlets
November 17 -19 Weekend Trip to Atlanta, Georgia
Thursday, November 30 Board Games & Snacks
Thursday, December 7 Holiday Cookie Decorating & Music
Thursday, December 14 Certificate Ceremony
Seminars for Fall 2, 2017
Wednesday, November 1 Welcome to the South 101 Do you get confused about how to effectively communicate with American Southerners?  Come learn about interacting with Americans from southern states, such as topics of conversation and politeness strategies you can use while living in the South.
Wednesday, November 8 Veteran’s Day Many countries have holidays to remember wars or military members.

Veteran’s Day in America is to remember those who have served in the military. Come learn about the history of the holiday, what makes it unique, and how it’s celebrated.

Wednesday, November 15 Thanksgiving Holiday Are you curious about why and how Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?  Come learn what Thanksgiving is all about and sample some popular Thanksgiving treats!
Friday, December 1 Phrasal Verbs Phrasal verbs cause headaches for adult English learners for a lot of reasons. Most languages don’t have them, they look like prepositions (English has plenty of prepositions), and they often have multiple meanings! This seminar will show you some patterns to help you learn phrasal verbs more easily.
Wednesday, December 6 Holiday Traditions ‘Tis the season to learn about American holiday traditions and culture.  Come and learn about how we celebrate Christmas in the United States.  We will watch movie clips, listen to songs, and learn about traditional tales of Santa and his reindeer, a magic snowman called Frosty and who the Grinch is!