Friday Seminars for Summer 2, 2018

Sign up in the office Monday through Thursday to attend a seminar. Seminars are Fridays at 1:30 in 109A B.B. Comer.

July 6 Welcome to the South In this seminar, you will learn about life in the Southern U.S. with a focus on communication styles and important vocabulary used in everyday conversations.
July 13 Southern Cooking In this seminar, you will learn about different ways of cooking Southern foods. We will also discuss different foods that Southerners enjoy eating, and you will have an opportunity to taste a sample of Southern food.
July 20 Phrasal Verbs Phrasal verbs cause headaches for adult English learners for a lot of reasons. Most languages don’t have them, they look like prepositions (English has plenty of prepositions), and they often have multiple meanings! This seminar will show you some patterns to help you learn phrasal verbs more easily.

Baseball Seminar

Civil Rights Seminar