Friday Seminars for Spring 1, 2018

Sign up in the office Monday through Thursday to attend a seminar. Seminars are Fridays at 12:30 in 109A B.B. Comer.

January 25 Learning English through Popular TV Shows Enjoy watching TV in your free time? Come learn about the current, popular TV shows in the United States. We will practice ways to improve your English skills while enjoying some new shows.

February 01 Culture Shock and Adjustment What is “culture shock”? How do you adjust to a new culture? What are some resources available if adjusting is not so easy? Come to this seminar to find out!!

February 08 Phrasal Verbs “LOOK OUT!” Don’t confuse phrasal verbs with prepositions! Phrasal verbs are very important for understanding informal, spoken English. They are sometimes frustrating because of their large number and variety of meanings, but there are some patterns for learning them more easily.

February 22 Baseball Seminar There are a few things more American than baseball. If you are interested in learning about the “innings” and “outs” of the game, then join us for this seminar. We will look back at the history of baseball, learn some rules and the positions of the players, plus we will sing “Take me out to the ballgame”.

Come and enjoy this look at America’s national pastime, the sport of baseball. A UA baseball game scheduled after seminar!

Baseball Seminar

Last Session’s Thanksgiving Seminar