2018 Haiku Contest Winners | Theme: Bloom/Saku

English Category

Adult – First Place – Goran Gatalica
bloom in the valley –
in grandma’s lullaby
hum of bees

Adult – Second Place – Mary Sella
purple violets
dot the hillside
where my father lay

Adult – Third Place – Goran Gatalica
roadside bloom-
in the refugee’s hand
enough sunrise

Adult – Honorable Mention – Valentina Ranaldi-Adams
cherry blossoms-
what was not there

Grades 1-3 – First Place – Jack Berry
The bids sing outside
Pond frogs jump and croak at night
All because of blooms

Grades 7-12 – First Place – Elyse Dinkel
Ink flowing across a page,
Paint sprouting across a canvas,
A melody whistling through the wind.

Grades 7-12 – Second Place – Jer’Howard Paige
As the petals begin to fall, The end is drawing near.
The flower will bloom again,
An endless cycle it is.

Grades 7-12 – Third Place – Elyse Dinkel
After months and months of rain with not a drop of sunshine,
The flowers still manage to open and show their colors,
And so can you.

Grades 7-12 – Honorable Mention – Emily Fretwell
Soon enough things will get better | Soon enough I’ll be okay
Soon enough I’ll smile again | Soon enough I’ll bloom
Soon enough   Right?



Japanese Category

Adult – First Place – Suidoshi
Having lost their master, the Satsuki azaleas still bloom in my father’s garden

Adult – Second Place – Seika Kobayashi
Blooming on the rack, my favorite New Year kimono hangs with year-long creases.

Adult – Third Place – Masako Fukuhara
Stone paved road. Wild mountain violets bloom secretly at the corners.

Grades 4-6 – First Place – Taiyo Onishi
妹の うぶごえ聞いて 命咲く
I hear the first cry of my newborn sister. A life blossoms.

Grades 1-3 – First Place – Rio Hayakawa
ママおきて あさがおたちが わらってる
Wake up, Mom. Morning glories are laughing.

Grades 1-3 – Second Place – Ruka Obara
ヒマワリが わたしのせたけ こえてゆく
Sunflowers are growing beyond my height.