2019 Haiku Contest Winners | Theme: Imagine/Kokoro ni egaku

English Category

Adult – First Place – Valentina Ranaldi-Adams
cherry blossoms. . .
the robin’s duet
with a blue jay

Adult – Second Place – Goran Gatalica
spring haze-
cherry petals spread
so quietly

Adult – Third Place – Mary Sella
the cool sand shifts-
imagine what lies beyond
the horizon

Adult – Honorable Mention – Michael Virga
the carpenter-sun
pulling all together

Adult – Honorable Mention – Goran Gatalica
imagining bloom. . .
in my mother’s garden
bird cacophony

Grades 1-3 – First Place – Evelyn Wyatt
See the owl dancing
Friends are gathering near him
They can hoot along

Grades 1-3 – Second Place – Arden Brewer
playing with nice friends
riding our bikes in the sun
with my small brother

Grades 1-3 – Third Place – Nigel Haren
Kangaroos bouncing
Splashing in the blue water
Swimming with dolphins

Grades 1-3 – Honorable Mention – Snyder Clarke
Grass of vibrant green
Swings in the waves of summer
Tarp over the earth

Grades 1-3 – Honorable Mention – Emory Turnley
Going past the clouds
Drifting through the universe
Little fear I feel

Grades 4-6 – First Place – Sara Naylor
caresses the mind of man
bringing lovely thoughts

Grades 4-6 – Second Place – Sara Naylor
The mind’s work
of astounding thoughts
powers soul

Grades 4-6 – Third Place – Sara Naylor
let your mind wander the streams
of mentality

Grades 7-12 – First Place – Abby Samples
Looming sunflowers
Caress heads of white lilies
At start of the storm

Grades 7-12 – Second Place – Fletcher Canup
Streams ponder their paths-
apart, they find each other
to form something more

Grades 7-12 – Third Place – Ava Deas
Vivid rose bushes
Carelessly drain subdued hues
From nearby flora

Grades 7-12 – Honorable Mention – Jaelei Mosley
He uses his hands.
to make a floating rainbow.
What a funny sponge.

Grades 7-12 – Honorable Mention – Caleb Floyd
Layered clouds impress
Until bright sunlight shines through
Ridding every shadow


Japanese Category

Adult – First Place – Masako Fukuhara
Lying in a hospital bed, I move two hand mirrors against each other looking for traces of spring outside the window.

Adult – Second Place – Eru Hinata
A shower of cherry blossoms. In my wheelchair, I would want to dance with them.

Adult – Third Place – Fumiko Tanaka
Buds on winter trees make me think of my children. Light enters into my heart.

Grades 1-3 – First Place – Maho Mimaki
When we add his arms and legs, the Snowman goes sledding.

Grades 1-3 – Second Place – Mei Nakamura
New Year’s sunrise. Even the thickest clouds were brightened.

Grades 1-3 – Third Place – Koiro Isomae
Wind chimes start crying, “It’s so crazily hot!”

Grades 4-6 – First Place – Tonami Koga
Cherry blossoms dancing. I wonder where this wind will go.

Grades 4-6 – Second Place – Yuri Iwakura
After the rain, I saw a rainbow bridge built over there.

Grades 4-6 – Third Place – Rion Oda
My New Year’s dream: I see myself in a white nurse uniform ten years from now.

Grades 7-12 – First Place – Mika Sakairi
Cicadas stop singing. Time keeps moving forward, leaving me behind.

Grades 7-12 – Second Place – Satoru Kubozono
Young green leaves in Kyoto. The image of the Golden Pavilion mirrored on the pond.

Grades 7-12 – Third Place – Yurika Iwata
On the pond in the Month of Water (June), the Golden Pavilion floats.