Student Immunizations

Immunization Information

Health Services Clearance – Immunizations Are Required for All Students (American & International)
UA policy requires that all students born after 1956 provide documentary evidence of immunizations (measles, mumps, rubella, and meningitis). Before you can complete the registration process for class, all new students regardless of classification, must have:

  1. Proof of the meningitis vaccination (Manactra and Menveo) for those under the age of 21 or who are living in on-campus housing.
  2. If you were born after 1956, proof of two (2) measles containing vaccinations. One of these vaccines must be an MMR vaccination after 1980. Bring documentation of your immunization record from home.
  3. Acceptable proof of tuberculosis screening within the last year.

Instructions on How to Submit Your Immunization Record – 

  1. Log into your MyBama account
  2. Under the Student Tab, navigate to the Student Health Center & Pharmacy section
  3. Select the “Upload Immunizations” icon
  4. Print the form and take it to your health care provider/doctor
  5. Your health care provider/doctor completes the form, signs it and places the official office stamp next to provider signature
  6. Scan the complete and signed form and any other documents (clear and readable photographs are acceptable)
  7. Log into your MyBama account, access the Immunization icon then follow document upload instructions

Once your form has been processed (48-72 hours), you will receive a confirmation email or an email regarding why we rejected what was submitted. If you have any questions, you can email or call (205) 348-6262 or (205) 348-4637. Be sure to include your CWID when you email or call.

All vaccines and tuberculosis screening are available at the Student Health Center but MUST be completed prior to moving into campus housing or start of classes. If your immunization records do not indicate that these requirements have been met, you MUST be vaccinated upon your arrival to UA.

To view the complete UA Health Requirement for Registration policy, please visit

Immunization Control
Box 870360
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0360
Phone: (205) 348-6262 or (205) 348-4637
Fax: (205) 348-0630 or (205) 348-8611

Medical History

Prior to registration, you are strongly encouraged to complete the Medical History Form and to download, print and complete the Pharmacy Information Sheet. The pharmacy information sheet should be mailed or faxed to:

Student Health Center
Box 870360
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0360
Fax: (205) 348-9850

If you have any illness or medical condition that requires regular treatment or alteration of your life style, please have your treating physician provide pertinent information and guidelines that will allow the SHC to assist our physician to provide continuity of care.

About Tuberculosis Screening
All students must complete tuberculosis screening before obtaining health clearance for registration.

• What is Tuberculosis or TB? Why is it important?
This is an infection that most commonly affects the lungs. TB is spread by germs that can float in the air. If a person with active TB disease coughs, shouts, or sneezes, people nearby can breathe in the TB germs into their lungs and become infected.

• How do I test for TB?
The test for TB is called PPD. It can be performed at Health Services at no charge. A small amount of liquid is injected into the skin of your arm. A nurse must examine and “read” your arm between 48 to 72 hours later. This will complete the test. If a reading is not made in that time period, the test will have to be repeated.

• What does a negative reaction mean?
A negative PPD is seen by little to no swelling on your arm, and means that there is probably no TB Bacteria in your body. At this point, you will be considered screened, and no further action will be needed.

• What does a positive reaction mean?
A positive PPD can be seen by the kind of reaction your skin has to the injection. It means that TB Bacteria has entered your body at some point. Very often, international students may get a positive PPD because they come from countries that vaccinate against TB. BCG or MANTOUX vaccinations put a small amount of TB Bacteria in your body. This does not necessarily mean you have active TB, but after a positive PPD, you are required to get a chest X-ray.

• What does a chest x-ray show?
A chest x-ray is required after a positive PPD result. If you have health insurance, the cost may be covered, but most likely you will have to pay for the X-ray. The X-ray shows whether you have active TB. Even if the chest X-ray does not show TB, the Health Services staff will need to evaluate whether you require medication to prevent the development of Tuberculosis.