Partnerships & Agreements


Our more than 38,000 students come from across the United States and 91 foreign countries, and international students represent more than 3 percent of our total student population.

Since its founding in 1831 as the first public university in the state, The University of Alabama has been committed to providing the best, most complete education possible for its students. Our commitment to that goal means that as times change, we sharpen our focus and methods to keep our graduates competitive in their fields. We offer excellent facilities for study and research, including laboratories, studios, multimedia classrooms, and online libraries.

Across our beautiful 1200-acre campus, several buildings dating back to the founding of the University are still in use today—alongside other historic structures and recent construction housing state-of-the-art technology. The last 15 years represent one of the largest growth periods in the University’s history. Recent additions to the campus include science and engineering research facilities, computer centers, and premier music and performance buildings.

Tuscaloosa, an All-America City of 125,000, is home to The University of Alabama and offers opportunities for employment and affordable housing, all located only 50 miles from Birmingham.

Global Engagement Through International Partnerships & Agreements

Global engagement is an essential component of the overall mission of The University of Alabama “to advance the intellectual and social condition of the people of the state, the nation and the world through the creation, translation and dissemination of knowledge with an emphasis on quality programs in the areas of teaching, research and service.” International engagement serves to achieve a world-class environment for research, scholarship, education, the arts, service, and leadership. It also advances the University’s academic, research, scholarship, and service priorities, consistent with a top tier university, and supports the goals of the 2016 strategic plan.

Do you want to initiate an Agreement?

There are standards and considerations to think about when deciding whether to formalize an international partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding and/or an international agreement. Creating an agreement can lead to research and exchange opportunities for faculty or students at UA and abroad.

Reach out to the staff at the Capstone International Center with ideas or questions. We are here to assist with formalizing international agreements or partnerships.

The University has created a standard MOU template that can be used by faculty and staff who are in the beginning stage of MOU creation. This template has been approved by UA and can be modified as needed with the assistance of the Capstone International Center staff.