How To Apply

Once you’ve found the right program for you, it is time to apply! Apply for approval from UA to study abroad using the online study abroad application found on the UA Education Abroad website. Below you will find information that will assist you in gaining access to the system and creating your application.

Searching For Programs

  1. Use the “Program Search” link on the study abroad website, (Or click on “Program Search” below)
  2. Search the name or a portion of the name in the “Program Name” box and click “Search”.  Or, you can select any of the available search parameters (i.e. city, country, term etc.) to begin your search and then select “Search.”
  3. Select a program.
  4. If this is the program in which you are interested in participating, click “Apply Now”!
  5. If a current UA student, click on “Login with Campus ID” and use your myBama credentials to log in. If you are a non-UA student, click on “New User? Create Account” and follow the steps.
  6. Congrats! You now have a UA study abroad application. Please begin working on your application requirements.

Continuing Applications

(After an application has been started)

  1. Select the “Login” link on the right side of the Education Abroad home page, (Or click on “Login” below.)
  2. If a UA student, click on “Login with Campus ID” and login using your myBama credentials to access your application.
  3. If a non-UA student, click on “Login with Portal Account” and use your login credentials to access to your application.

NOTE:  Students interested in Non-UA Affiliate programs must still apply through UA.

NOTE: Our site is viewable to anyone, but only UA students and faculty/staff will have access to the system.  If you are a transient student (a student who normally attends another university) and you wish to participate in a UA Faculty-Led Program, please see “Transient Students” below to find out more information on how to proceed.

Transient Students (Non-UA Students)

Non-UA students are welcome to participate on UA faculty-led study abroad programs. To apply, follow the instructions below in the order given.

1. Apply for a UA faculty-led program (via → Program Search). You will Login with Portal Account (non-UA), not with CWID. Once you complete and submit your application, additional admission instructions will be emailed to you.  The instructions are as follows:

  • Apply to The University of Alabama as a transient student by accessing and completing the UA Undergraduate Admissions Application online (  Please do a transient application, and list Main Campus under the “Program Information” section. 
  • Pay the application fee to complete the first step of the admissions application. 
  • Once processed by the Admissions office, you will be asked to submit a letter of good standing and an official transcript from your home university. 
  • If accepted, you will receive your UA Campus Wide ID# (CWID) and a ‘’ email. Keep this information handy for upcoming payments and registration. 

2. Print out the UA Transient Student Study Abroad Approval Form, have it signed by your home Study Abroad office (or a Home University Official), and email a scanned copy to This form is the only additional thing needed to complete your admissions application and must be signed by your Study Abroad Office or A Home University Official.

Once your study abroad application status changes to “UA Endorsed,” you can begin making payments towards your program (payment instructions are included in the application). We encourage you to communicate your transient application status with the Faculty Director of your desired faculty-led program.

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Student Travel Registration (non-credit bearing)

University of Alabama students traveling abroad for a UA-affiliated purpose (e.g. student organization, service opportunity, non-credit bearing internship, conference, research etc.), but NOT receiving academic credit, should complete our Student Travel Registration application. While participating in university related activities and programs, students are required to have adequate health & travel insurance that includes medical, repatriation and evacuation assistance for the duration of their international travel. The UA Education Abroad office provides a policy through International SOS. As a part of travel registration, students will be enrolled into the insurance while abroad. For more information, call the Education Abroad office at 205-348-5256 or email If a student IS receiving academic credit for an international experience, they must do a regular study abroad application found at

Apply here: UA Student International Travel Registration

Students on Lead Abroad (not a UA affiliated partner) participating in non-credit programs, apply here:

Travel Registration: LEAD Abroad Non-Credit Program


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Outgoing Exchange Students (UA students wishing to study at an exchange partner university)

The University of Alabama has partnerships with nearly 30 universities in 14 countries worldwide. Through these partnerships, we send and receive students internationally for one or two semesters, giving them the opportunity to be immersed into a different culture.

Placement into an exchange program may be competitive. Participants must be nominated by the UA Education Abroad Office and are advised to begin preparing six months to one year in advance of participation.

5 Steps to UA Exchange

The University of Alabama nominates students each semester/year to study at UA’s international exchange partner universities through the exchange program. The Education Abroad Office manages these programs and offers assistance to all outgoing exchange students.

There is a 5 Step process for students wanting to represent UA overseas on exchange. Each step is detailed below.

Step One: UA Application

Step Two: Nomination

Step Three: Admission and Housing Application

Step Four: Visa

Step Five: UA Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation

Step One: UA Application

Using the UA Study Abroad website, students will navigate through “Program Search” to find the brochure page of their chosen exchange program. Selecting the “Apply Now” button will begin the application and show the active application cycles for which Education Abroad is accepting applications.

The brochure page of each exchange program will also contain information specific to that exchange, including links to pertinent information at that university. Because placement in exchange programs can be competitive, it is highly recommended that applicants have a back-up program in mind.

Step Two: Nomination

After the application deadline, nominations are made to the partner universities. The partner university decides how many students they will accept each semester from UA. Based on exchange balances and qualifications, not all applicants are nominated and not all nominations are necessarily accepted. Applicants are notified as soon as a decision has been made about their nomination. Assistance is provided to those needing to change their application if their nomination is not accepted.

Step Three: Admission and Housing Application

After nominations have been accepted by the partner university, the applicant will receive instructions on how to begin the Admission Application to the exchange partner university. The Admission Application needs to be completed and all supporting documents submitted before the scheduled deadlines. If anything needs to be mailed to the exchange partner university, the Exchange Coordinator at UA can express mail it to the host university overseas.

Housing applications vary, as do housing options, and should be completed in a timely manner so as to secure housing. These options can range from traditional student dorms to off-campus apartments or living with a host family. It is important to read the host university website information regarding housing. The Exchange Coordinator can be contacted with any questions.

Step Four: Visa

After your Admissions Application is processed, you will receive an acceptance letter. Most countries require U.S. citizens staying in country for a period longer than 90 days to apply for a student visa. Find out more about visas here.

Step Five: UA Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation

One of the last steps on campus before going on an exchange program is to attend a mandatory UA Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation. Click here for a brief outline of some of the things you’ll learn during this important orientation.

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Incoming Exchange Students (International students wishing to study at The University of Alabama)

The University of Alabama has partnerships with nearly 30 universities around the world. Through these partnerships, we send and receive students internationally for one or two semesters, giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves in a different culture.

To participate in the exchange program at UA, students must first be nominated by their home university. More information about the incoming exchange student application (coming to UA as an international exchange student) process can be found on the International Student & Scholar Services webpage for exchange students: 

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Education Abroad Withdrawal Process

The process of withdrawing a study abroad application from the application system varies based on the application’s status:
  • If PENDING status: Withdraw yourself by clicking on “Withdraw application” from the application(s) home page.
  • If UA ENDORSED or NOMINATED BY UA status: Click on “Decline” at the top of your application page to withdraw your application.
  • If COMMITTED status: Complete the appropriate withdrawal form based on your program type: