Travel Information

UA International Travel Registration & Policy

All UA faculty and staff going abroad for a UA-affiliated purpose must register their travel prior to going abroad. There are two registration requirements:

  1. Complete the Faculty and Staff International Travel Registration. This registration is required by Risk Management and captures details about the travel that allows UA to register the traveler in UA’s comprehensive international insurance and travel assistance program through International SOS; provide resources and information prior to the trip; and provide timely response and support during travel.
  2. Complete the Travel Request in Concur. This registration is required by Accounts Payable and captures information about projected expenses and some basics details regarding the travel dates and destinations. Approval in Concur cannot be given until the International Travel Registration is completed.

Both of these applications must be completed at least 10 business days prior to travel. Failure to do so may result in expense requests being denied.

Travelers going to higher-risk locations may be required to submit additional documentation and be approved by the International Travel Advisory Committee before going abroad and having expenses approved. Per UA policy (see link above), “higher risk” location is defined as locations with a Department of State Level 3 travel advisory and above or CDC Level 3 and above (non-COVID reason).

Questions about international travel registration and policy may be directed to Chad Berry, Associate Director for International Health, Safety & Risk Management, at

International Travel Assistance and Insurance

Travelers going abroad for a university-related purpose are covered under UA’s international insurance policy. UA has also partnered with International SOS to maintain a robust international travel assistance program to help protect and assist our international travelers engaged in university-related travel abroad. This program, which is available 24/7, provides a variety of resources and assistance to travelers, including pre-trip information as well as assistance related to medical emergencies or other impactful events such as natural disasters or civil unrest. Travelers should download the International SOS app and use their UA email address when registering in the app. Please click the link above for further details about the international travel assistance program.

Proof of University Travel Insurance

Faculty and staff members needing an insurance certificate specific to their country of travel for visa or registration purposes should contact Chad Berry ( and include the following details: name, date of birth, home country, destination country, dates of travel, purpose of trip, and side trip destinations and dates at least one month prior to departure.

How to Submit an International Travel Request on Concur

Take the link above to the access the video tutorial from the Financial Affairs Office before completing the International Travel Request form on Concur.

Student International Travel Registration

Students who are traveling internationally for a University-related purpose, such as conducting research, attending a conference, or traveling for non-credit bearing trips (student organizations or clubs, non-credit bearing internships, service learning trips etc.) affiliated with UA need to register their travel with the Capstone International Center using the link above. The student will be enrolled in mandatory international insurance. University departments can sponsor students’ insurance fee by contacting Chad Berry ( in the Education Abroad office.

International Funding Requests for Faculty and Students

Funding is available each fiscal year (October 1 through September 30). Awards normally range between $200 and $500. Awards are made on a rolling basis. If funds are depleted prior to September 30, no awards will be made for travel commencing prior to the beginning of the next fiscal year (October 1). Example: If all funds have been awarded as of July 15, a student participating in a conference between July 15 and September 30 will not receive funding.

Apply on Campus for a U.S. Passport

UA has a Passport Acceptance Facility on campus for those who need new U.S. passports or U.S. passport renewals.

Export Control

When traveling abroad, University of Alabama employees and students may be subject to U.S. Export Control laws and regulations, such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and Foreign Asset Control Regulations (FACR).

The impact of the above regulations on UA employees and students’ international travel could be determined by factors such as the location of the travel, the purpose of the travel (i.e. teaching, research, conference etc.), and what items are being taken abroad, both tangible (i.e. laptops, cell phones, equipment, samples etc.) and intangible (i.e. trainings, know-how, files, data etc.).

UA employees and students going abroad should review UA’s Export Control Policy, as well as information on the Office of Research & Economic Development’s Export Controls web page, prior to travel. If there are questions about the applicability of export control regulations to a particular situation, or about any of the information presented on this page, please contact:

Office of Research Security & Export Control