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Academic Support Courses Programs and Activities
Admission to UA Admissions
Alabama Germany Partnership Outreach
Alabama International Relations Club Programs and Activities
Applying for a U.S. Passport Travel
Arrival Information Travel


B-1/B-2 Visa Work Visa
Buses, Bikes, and Taxis Resources


Change-of-Status Student Visa Information
Cherry Blossom / Sakura Festival Outreach
Conditional Admission Admissions
CPT Student Visa Information
Curricular Practical Training Student Visa Information
Custom Group Programs for English & Culture Programs and Activities


Driver's License Resources


EFL Teacher Training Program Programs and Activities
ELI Current IEP Students Information Resources
ELI Future IEP Students Information Resources
English + Business Programs and Activities
English Lite Programs and Activities
ESTA Visa Waiver Work Visa
Exchange Program Application Study Abroad
Exchange Programs Study Abroad
Extending I-20/DS-2019 Student Visa Information


F-2 Visa Dependent Visa
Faculty-Led Program Creation Study Abroad
FAQ for the ELI's Intensive English Program Resources
Final Semester Checklist Student Visa Information
Full-Time Enrollment Requirement Student Visa Information


Global and Cultural Perspectives Minor Programs and Activities
Green Card Work Visa


H-1B Work Visa Work Visa
H-4 Dependent Visa Dependent Visa
Hiring International Faculty & Staff Work Visa
Honoraria Work Visa
Housing Resources


I-20/DS-2019 Student Visa Information
Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) Resources
Insurance Resources
Intensive English Program Programs and Activities
International Agreements Internationalization
International Funding Requests Resources
International Peer Advisory Council Programs and Activities
International Spouse Group Programs and Activities
International Student Organizations Programs and Activities
International Teaching Assistant Program Programs and Activities
International Travel Travel
International Travel Policy Resources
International Travel Requests on Concur Resources
Inviting a Visiting Scholar Work Visa
Inviting Family or Friends Dependent Visa


J-1 Scholar Visa Work Visa
J-1 Student Intern Work Visa
J-2 Visa (Scholar Dependents) Dependent Visa
J-2 Visa (Student Dependents) Dependent Visa


Leave of Absence Student Visa Information


Maintaining Student Visa Status Student Visa Information
Memorandum of Understanding Internationalization
Multi-Cultural Coffee Hour Programs and Activities


On-Campus Work Authorization Student Visa Information
OPT Student Visa Information
Optional Practical Training Student Visa Information
Orientation & Check-in Admissions


Passport Travel
Pathway to UA Programs and Activities
Peace Corps Programs and Activities
Permanent Residency Work Visa
Probation & Suspension Student Visa Information


Reinstatement Student Visa Information
Required Funding and Estimated Expenses Admissions


Scholarships & Aid Admissions
Schools and Daycare in Tuscaloosa Resources
SEVIS Fee Student Visa Information
Social Security Number Resources
Student Travel Registration Resources
Student Visa Student Visa Information
Study Abroad Application Study Abroad
Study Abroad Programs Study Abroad
Study Abroad Scholarships Study Abroad
Study Alabama Outreach
Success and Growth in the U.S. Programs and Activities


Taxes Resources
The Japan America Society of Alabama Outreach
TN - Trade NAFTA Visa Work Visa
Tourist Visa Work Visa
Transfer I-20/DS-2019 Student Visa Information
Travel within the U.S. Travel
Tuscaloosa Sister Cities International Outreach
Tuscaloosa's International Friends Programs and Activities


U.S. Passport Travel
United Way Outreach
University Agreements Internationalization
University Travel Insurance Resources


Visa Information for ELI Students Admissions
Visa Renewal Travel