Authorized Agencies

Policy Statement

The University of Alabama’s partnerships with agencies are based on ethical relationship-building, transparency, and goodwill. Official commission-based agencies of The University of Alabama have been carefully vetted, monitored, and reviewed to maintain the integrity of our relationship with the agency and the prospective student. Most of our agencies are certified in the higher education industry or have extensive references. See below for a list of agencies authorized to represent The University of Alabama.

The University of Alabama engages with agencies and selects and maintains its partnerships with commissioned-based agencies in accordance with the NACAC Statement of Principles of Good Practice.

The University of Alabama has relationships with international student recruitment agencies that are authorized to help students consider UA as one of their university options. These are agencies are compensated by UA on the basis of the number of students they advise who subsequently enroll at UA.

Students who work with international student recruitment agencies are not given preferential treatment by UA. International students who apply to UA are not required to apply through agencies and are not disadvantaged if they do not.

An interested international student can expect agencies to explain the process and procedures of applying to UA, inform about academic and co-curricular programs, be aware of the forms and credentials needed to apply to UA and how to complete them, and assist in the process of applying for a visa and assist in making travel arrangements once a student has been admitted and decides to attend.

An interested international student should be aware that agencies will NOT complete the international student’s application for admission, financial aid, or scholarships, write essays, collect any fees that are owed to UA on behalf of the student, or require students to give up any portion of scholarships or other financial aid awards as a part of payment for services.