Global and Cultural Perspectives Minor

The University of Alabama’s Global and Cultural Perspectives Minor (formerly the Global Studies Certificate) is designed to introduce the undergraduate student to the cultural, economic, physical, and political aspects of being a world citizen in the 21st century. The emphasis of the minor is the contemporary rather than the historical. Earning the minor will improve a student’s global awareness while enhancing their resume.

To earn the Global and Culture Perspective Minor, undergraduate students must successfully complete 15 hours of coursework as specified below.  Nine hours of the program are specified as core courses, and should be taken prior to the six upper division Emphasis Area hours.  Some courses have prerequisites.

Pursuing and earning the Global and Cultural Perspectives Minor will help a student to:

  • Gain greater global awareness
  • Approach coursework from a global perspective
  • Enhance their resume and employability

If you have questions about the minor, please email the Global and Cultural Perspectives Advisor, Dr. Tayler Kent, at

Global Studies Database for checking VOC status

*students who are already enrolled in the GSC (prior to fall 2019)