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Maintaining Student Visa Status

Summary of the rights and responsibilities of a student visa holder:  must enroll full-time, have active health insurance, maintain up-to-date immigration documents, and notify International Student and Scholar Services of any status changes.

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Academic Resources

As a student at The University of Alabama, you may find academic expectations that are unfamiliar or unexpected compared to the educational system from which you come. Provided within this section is a brief overview of some of the academic policies and customs that are expected at The University of Alabama.

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Full-Time Enrollment Requirement & Exceptions

Student visa holders must maintain full-time status while in the U.S. Full-time status varies by program and degree level. Special circumstances sometimes allow for students to seek exceptions to the full-time rule. Full-time requirements also differ during the summer. This page contains information about these requirements as well as online limitations, transiency, and reduced course load authorization.

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Leave of Absence, Withdrawal, & Reinstatement

To maintain F-1 or J-1 status, students must enroll full-time each fall and spring semesters and summer if it is their first semester studying in the U.S.. However, leaves of absence are permitted as long as certain requirements are met. This section includes instructions to apply for a leave of absence and how to go about resuming studies afterward.


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Extensions, Transfer, & Change-of-Status

Students must report to ISSS if they wish to extend their academic program, transfer their SEVIS record to another school, or are intending to change from one visa status to another. This page provides information on how to complete these processes with ISSS.

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Student Employment

F-1and J-1 students have several employment opportunities. This page contains information about on-campus work, practical training authorization, and academic training authorization.

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Student Travel Requirements

Information and guidelines on travel both domestic and international.

Final Semester Checklist

Information about gradation and post-completion options for international students.