2023 Winning Haikus


English Category

Adult – First Place – Beth Sherrill
After the storms pass
Broken limbs sprout tender buds.
Rope swing sways, waiting.

Adult – Second Place – Sheila Coutu
Harsh ruled the winter
But hope sprouts on bare branches
May we smile again

Adult – Third Place – Michael Virga
the hum of the hive
wakes the sleeping bear; once more
time to eat honey

Adult – Runner Up – Mary Alves Sella
mainsail unfurled
lake water glistening
beneath the spring sun

Grades 7-12 – First Place – Aeesha Mulani
The dandelions
fuzzy head sways in the breeze
scattering millions

Grades 7-12 – First Second – Maddie Lee
The pink fades away
Yet the red sun still rises
To meet the green buds

Grades 7-12 – Third Place – Austin Sandel
Fresh flowers blossom
Rodents emerge from the den
A new dawn at birth

Grades 4-6 – First Place – Evan Sandel
Redirect your mind
Think and start over again
Be who needs you most

Grades 1-3 – First Place – Audrey Sandel
Animals wake up
Spring flowers growing on trees
Raining from the clouds

Japanese Category

Adult – First Place – 日向 洋美 /Hiromi Hinata
春光や 妹の癌 消滅す
Spring light bathes us. My younger sister’s cancer has disappeared.

Adult – Second Place – 若菜 尚代 / Naoyo Wakana
あの子らの 未来願いて 福寿草
I wish these children a happy future. Fukujusô* bloom.

Adult – Third Place – 中丸 馨子 / Keiko Nakamaru
海染めて 水平線に 初日の出
The sea turns red with the New Year’s rising sun on the horizon.

Grades 7-12 – Honorable Mention – 関根 さくら / Sakura Sekine
強東風(つよごち)が 煽り爪先は 未来向き
The strongly blowing spring wind seem to point my fanned toes toward a brighter future.

Grades 4-6 – First Place – 清水 航 /Wataru Shimizu
だぼだぼの 学ランのそで とおす春
An oversized new school uniform for the Spring. I put my arms through its sleeves.

Grades 4-6 – Second Place –  佐々木 結万 / Yuma Sasaki
雪とけて 緑あざやか クローバー
Snow melts away, and clovers reveal their refreshing green.

Grades 1-3 – First Place – 山下 和輝 / Kazuki Yamashita
マスクとり みんなの笑顔 見てみたい
I want to see the smiling faces of all my classmates, without masks.

Grades 1-3 – Second Place – 森 穂隆/ Hodaka Mori
サケのちぎょ 帰ってくるの まってるよ
The young salmon, I am waiting to see you back here again.

Grades 1-3 – Third Place – 野原 伊織 / Iori Nohara
はつげいこ ゆめにむかって せんぼんづき
The first karate practice of the year. I worked a thousand punches for my dreams.