Traveling Tide Podcast

Interested in going abroad but scared of what that entails? We got you covered. This podcast is all about real stories and advice from real study abroad students. Don’t wait to embark on a journey you’ll never forget!

The Traveling Tide podcast is a special project from EA student assistant Samantha Schumann.

The podcast is primarily hosted on Spotify, where we recommend listening for the best experience.

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Contemplating studying abroad for a full academic year? Nervous about being away from family and friends? This episode UA senior Sean Atchison will enlighten you on the benefits of being abroad for a year as well as what to look out for during your journey.

Ever thought about what it’s like studying in Latin America? Tune in to hear what Ayana Veal has to say about the culture, dos and don’ts, and opportunities about studying in the beautiful country of Guatemala!

In honor of Black History Month, this episode goes into detail on what it’s like being Black abroad!

Here at UA we have four different types of study abroad programs to choose from. Affiliate programs are great for those who want to go abroad while still having a support system there to guide them through the culture and norms of the country they chose to study in!

Ever wondered what it’s like to study in East Asia? Tune in to hear all about the culture, customs, and experience of studying on the other side of the world!

Is Europe actually as easy to travel around as they say it is? How do I manage all the different types of public transportation? Tune in to this weeks episode to get all the insight on the best and safest way to travel around Europe!

Don’t let fears and doubts hold you back from going abroad! Here at UA we are proud to have helped numerous first-generation students achieve their study abroad dreams. You could be next!

Why do you want to go abroad? What are some things you are curious about? Hear all about what can motivate students to study abroad and what they’ve learned through the process!

Nervous of the financial aspects of being abroad? This episode will help you understand how to prepare financially for your study abroad experience!

Interested in going abroad but scared of what that entails? We got you covered. This episode is all about starting the study abroad process, what it’s like once you embark on your journey, and how to prepare for such an amazing opportunity.