Frequently Asked Questions

Study Abroad FAQ’s

This page is intended to answer some of the most common questions asked by students and parents about studying abroad. Of course, every student’s specific situation will differ, but this can help you think through some of the considerations involved with studying abroad!

Where do I start?

You’re already started! Our website is a great place to learn about Education Abroad and will be a resource to you throughout the process of studying Abroad.
Be sure to attend Study Abroad 101 (All semester M-F, 2:00 pm, B.B. Comer 135) to learn more and meet students who have already gone abroad!
Most students find it extremely helpful to meet with an Education Abroad Advisor. EA Advisors are experts on study abroad and can help you at any point in the process of studying abroad. Click here to schedule an appointment! Visit and read first-hand accounts of UA student experiences abroad. You can also reach the Education Abroad office at 205-348-5256.

Will I receive credit at UA for classes I take abroad?

Yes! The point is for study abroad to enhance the pursuit of your degree.
The specifics of how the credits apply to your degree can vary depending on the program and is determined by your college and the UA registrar.

Where can I study abroad?

Just about anywhere!
We offer programs in over 60 countries in 200 different locations. Check out our Program Search to view programs!
Students from every major are eligible to participate.

When should I begin planning?

Start planning now! Most students should start the study abroad process at least 6 months before they want to go.
Consult DegreeWorks. Talk with your academic and study abroad advisors. Determine which classes in your major or minor must be taken at UA and what classes (or their equivalents) can be taken abroad.

Will I still graduate on time?

Yes! The goal is for studying abroad to fit into your academic plan.
By communicating with our office, your academic advisor, and consulting DegreeWorks, studying abroad should contribute to your degree, not postpone your graduation.

Will I be able to afford study abroad?

Yes! There are many affordable programs!
Many of our students find additional funding for their study abroad experience, and in most cases, financial aid and scholarships apply! Learn more by visiting our Financing Study Abroad page. You can also consult an education abroad advisor for more help.

Will my scholarships apply?

Yes, in most cases!
Most UA scholarships and national scholarships can be applied to your study abroad program. Consult the Office of Undergraduate Scholarships to determine how your scholarship will apply. Visit our page on undergraduate scholarships for more information.