Propose a Faculty-Led Program

Thank you for your interest in leading a UA international program!

This proposal process, once successfully completed, will not only enable your program to be approved, but will also serve as a tool in the on-going management of your program. Please complete the following procedural items:

General Process Timeline

Approval Procedure

    1. Read the Guide to Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs.
    2. Complete the following two items:
      • Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program Request for Approval
        • Make sure to have the Request for Approval signed.
        • Director’s Signature, Department Chair, and Dean’s signature are all required.
        • Programs with two faculty proposing from different departments require signatures from both Department Chairs.
        • If Honors designation, a signature is required by the Honors College and the faculty member’s home department.
      • A completed budget (email the excel file).
    3. Submit a paper copy of complete approval packet to Education Abroad (Box 870254).
    4. Email a scanned electronic copy of the complete packet to

    • After program approval (in the academic year that the program will be going abroad):
      • Participate in Faculty Led Workshops (Topics include Recruitment, Scholarships, Terra Dotta Training)
      • Attend the Spring Faculty Director Risk Management Workshop

Note: The Education Abroad Office has modeled the approval process on the recommendations of the Forum on Education Abroad Standards of Good Practice for Short-Term Education Abroad Programs.