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The University of Alabama offers multiple types of programs for studying abroad. Faculty-led, exchange, affiliate, and direct enroll are all program options that students can choose from. This page contains a short description of each program type and allows students to narrow down their search by their preferred program structure.

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Faculty Led

Faculty-led programs are led by UA faculty, professors, and instructors from specific departments at UA. All courses taken abroad are UA courses with credit coming from the hosting department. Students will travel as a group, taking classes with UA faculty either on host university campuses or while traveling to various sites. Faculty-led programs are usually in the summer and require a 2.2 GPA. Only one UA study abroad application is required.  

Exchange Programs

The University of Alabama has partnerships with more than 30 universities in multiple countries worldwide. Through these partnerships, we send and receive students internationally for one or two semesters, giving them the opportunity to experience a different culture. Students must hold a 3.0 GPA at the time of application and be enrolled at UA for at least one semester before participation. Language requirements vary by program. 

Affiliate and Direct-Enroll

UA affiliate and direct enroll programs allow students to enroll in a partner university or program through a third-party-provider. GPA requirements vary by program. Students will be charged an insurance fee as well as the UA study abroad fee, however, all other expenses will be billed through the program provider. Students will not be billed UA tuition for these programs.

Non-UA Affiliated Programs

These are programs through a third-party-provider or another university with whom UA does not have an affiliation agreement. These programs have not been vetted by the UA Education Abroad office. Other matters, like using a scholarship to pay for the program or applying to the UA Education Abroad Scholarship, may be impacted by the program’s status as a non-affiliate. Transfer credit is not guaranteed. To apply for one of these programs you will need to submit an application for a non-affiliate program.