AlabamaGermany Partnership

The AlabamaGermany Partnership is your resource for information about German companies, events and business opportunities in Alabama and Alabama companies, events and business opportunities in Germany.  We encourage your feedback and look forward to helping you.

Vision: The AGP is THE organization for facilitating collaboration between businesses and individuals with ties to Alabama and Germany.

Mission: To develop and support relationships and friendships between organizations and individuals with ties to Alabama and Germany and to increase and improve business opportunities and foster cultural exchange.


Culture – Promote and publicize the cultural heritage of Germany and German-related events taking place in Alabama.

Education – To stimulate and pursue education opportunities through language, cultural, and exchange programs.

Business – To provide support to local and state-wide organizations engaged in business development with Germany by encouraging direct investment and trade.

Membership – To actively recruit new members and provide services for existing members.

Communication – To regularly communicate to the public and our membership (Alabamians and Germans) through meetings and appropriate media.

Events – To serve as an information network for existing and new organizations and relationships in Alabama and Germany.


Alabama Germany Partnership Website