Fall 1 ELI New Students

Session Length

  • Fall and spring sessions are 8 weeks long.
  • Summer sessions are 6 weeks long.
  • All sessions include at least 148 hours of classroom instruction.
  • Half-sessions are available at the beginning of each full session (4 weeks in fall and spring, 3 weeks in summer).



2017 Session Dates

Spring 1 January 5 – February 28
Spring 2 March 2 – May 1
Summer 1 May 8 – June 19
Summer 2 June 22 – August 3
Fall 1 August 21 – October 16
Fall 2 October 19 – December 14

2018 Session Dates

Spring 1 January 4 – February 27
Spring 2 March 1 – April 30
Summer 1 May 7 – June 18
Summer 2 June 21 – August 2
Fall 1 August 20 – October 11
Fall 2 October 16 – December 13


Costs Per Session (148 hours of instruction)

Costs to attend the ELI are comparable to or in many cases lower than those of other intensive English programs in the US. All costs are listed in US dollars.

Session Fall/Spring
full session

(8 weeks)
full session

(6 weeks)
Tuition $2,052 $2,052
University Student Fee $516 $384
Medical Insurance $285 $215
On-Campus Housing $1,438 $1,050
Meals (estimate) $842 $842
Books (estimate) $150 $150
TOTAL $5,283 $4,693


Medical insurance is required unless student provides proof of acceptable coverage. (Our Insurance Waiver Form must be completed by the student’s insurance company and submitted for consideration prior to registration.  This form is available for download from the Forms Page).

Housing charges vary according to assignment. Estimated range of cost for housing is $1,050 – $2,225 per session. All housing assignments are subject to availability.

Other Costs

  • Application fee: $50 (non-refundable, valid for one year)
  • Express mail fee: $50 (optional – paid only if student chooses to receive admission documents via express mail service)
  • On-Campus Housing Application Fee: $25 (non-refundable); deposit required if on-campus housing selected
  • If you choose ELI Airport Pick Up Service, a $30 fee will be added to your student account.
  • Tuition deposit: $250 (required – applied to charges when student enrolls, refundable only if proof of visa denial is provided)
  • A $75 Late Testing Fee is charged to new ELI students who do not take the ELI Placement Exam at the designated time (8:15 am on Day 1 of each session)
  • Students should plan to bring approximately $300 – $400 per session for personal expenses (includes bedding, towels, and personal care items).

Additional Information

  • Half-sessions are available at the beginning of each full session. Starting dates for full and half-sessions are the same. Half-session costs are available here.
  • Session costs typically increase slightly each year in August, beginning with the Fall 1 session.
  • The ELI’s summer sessions are designed so that students may choose to complete either one or two full-time sessions in 12 weeks. Students on an F-1 (student) visa should refer to the ELI Student Handbook  (available on the Forms Page) for information on maintaining full-time status during the summer sessions.
  • If certified coverage is acceptable, the waiver is approved and the student is not required to purchase medical insurance. If certified coverage is not acceptable, the student is required to purchase medical insurance at the time of registration. Please contact the ELI office to submit a waiver form for consideration.


  • Withdrawal information can be found in  the ELI Student Handbook  (available on the Forms Page).