If you are an excellent student and wish to apply for admission to an academic degree program at The University of Alabama (UA), but you do not have good English skills or a good TOEFL score, don’t worry–you can still be admitted!

UA offers Conditional Admission for undergraduate study (bachelor’s degree) and Provisional Language Admission for graduate study (master’s or doctoral degree) to international students who meet the academic qualifications for admission but who do not yet have sufficient proficiency in English.

Academic Advising

The ELI provides academic advising for its students who wish to pursue undergraduate or graduate degrees, whether at The University of Alabama or at another college or university. Academic advising includes information and assistance regarding how to select and apply to colleges and universities.

Concurrent University Study

ELI students who are interested in taking undergraduate courses for credit at UA may qualify for concurrent enrollment (i.e., taking a combination of ELI and undergraduate courses at the same time) by satisfying one of the requirements found in Appendix 3 of the ELI Student Handbook. See the ELI Student Handbook (available on the Forms Page) or speak with the ELI Academic Advisor for more information.

It also may be possible for ELI students in Levels 4, 5, or 6 to gain valuable experience by visiting an undergraduate course at UA while they are studying English. Permission to do this is given to students who are doing satisfactory work in their ELI classes and is dependent on obtaining the professor’s permission.