MUNOP and TILE Programs

Model United Nations Outreach Program (MUNOP)

The Model United Nations Outreach Program, formerly called the Black Belt Development Initiative (BBDI), is a function of the Alabama International Relations Club that assists high schools across Alabama develop their own Model United Nations clubs, while preparing those clubs to send a student delegation to the Alabama Model United Nations Conference, or ALMUN, the Model UN conference hosted at the University of Alabama by AIRC each year. The program lasts two years for participating schools, during which time AIRC works with sponsoring teachers to educate students in the fundamentals of Model UN. Furthermore, the program helps some schools attend ALMUN by covering the costs of attendance at the conference where financial need has been previously demonstrated. Schools that participate in the Model United Nations Outreach Program gain invaluable experience from interacting with MUNOP volunteers and have found great success at ALMUN in the past as a result of the partnership.

UA students can get involved with MUNOP by volunteering at participating high schools and tutoring students on the basics of Model United Nations, public speaking, debate, current events, international policy, and negotiation skills. MUNOP volunteers gain valuable interpersonal experience through participating in the program, and develop friendships with schools and students that last for years to come. Volunteers need not have had prior Model United Nations experience, but are trained at the beginning of the fall semester and volunteer according to their flexibility and personal schedule, and have the opportunity to earn SL Pro hours through the hours they dedicate to MUNOP.

If you are interested in becoming a MUNOP Volunteer or are a high school in Alabama that is interested in participating in the Model UN Outreach Program, please contact

Tuscaloosa Initiative for Language Education (TILE)

The Tuscaloosa Initiative for Language Education (TILE) seeks to build bonds amongst members of the Tuscaloosa community through dedicated community service action and cultural appreciation.

This upcoming school year, TILE will not only continue its efforts to teach the value and importance of foreign languages to local students, but TILE will also act as a source of Cultural Ambassadors for the Alabama International Relations Club (AIRC). TILE strives to build a stronger international presence in the club through its attendees and encourages newfound knowledge of different societies, cultures, and customs. TILE aims to bridge divides that currently separate different ethnicities and cultures from intermingling by offering an accepting and positive atmosphere and community within the Alabama International Relations Club.

A core purpose of the Tuscaloosa Initiative for Language Education is to sustain a foreign language tutoring program run by UA-students and hosted at nearby schools, fostering a partnership that works to spread cultural awareness, embrace diversity, and build the lingual dexterity of the community.

After a decline in participation between students and local schools in recent years in the foreign language tutoring program, TILE is looking to revitalize the relationships between AIRC and local schools across Tuscaloosa, and increase opportunities for participation of UA students interested in language education and cultural awareness.

If your school is interested in hosting foreign language or cultural awareness tutors from the University of Alabama through the Tuscaloosa Initiative for Language Education, or you are interested in tutoring on behalf of TILE, please email



Outreach at UA and Beyond

The Alabama International Relations Club consistently engages its members to make an impact on the greater Alabama community through unique opportunities in various outreach programs and by hosting events on the University of Alabama’s campus. Through these programs and events, AIRC challenges its members to serve, lead, and make a difference in their everyday lives and to connect across traditional barriers to communication with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures.

AIRC often participates in tabling across campus in response to pressing international events or during days of international significance, such as International Women’s Day. AIRC also raises funds or gathers supplies in response to catastrophes around the world. In engaging the UA campus in the awareness of international affairs, AIRC hosts guest speakers, panel discussions, and other events to bring attention to certain issues, such as refugees or the Syrian Civil War.

If you have an idea for an event or guest AIRC should host, would like AIRC to get involved with a particular international fundraiser or drive, would like to partner with AIRC on an event, or have any further ideas for how AIRC can engage in outreach and advocacy on UA’s campus and beyond, please email