Renew Your Faculty-Led Program

Renew Your Faculty-Led Program

Once a program has been approved, it will not need to repeat the initial approval process. Only a program update, updated budget, and destination description are required.

Note: A new proposal is required if a program has not run for the past two years due to under-enrollment or other circumstances, or if there have been significant changes to the program (i.e. change of country).


Renewal Procedure

Complete the following items to include in your renewal submission by October 1:


Submission of Renewal Documents

  • Mail a hard copy of the signed Renewal Form, Budget, and Destination Description to 135 BB Comer.
  • Submit all three of the documents electronically using Terra Dotta: SUBMIT DOCUMENTS HERE
  • A document with instructions on how to submit can be found here : How-To-Submit-Proposal
  • Remember: Do not submit an pdf copy of the budget, it has to be an .xls or .xlsx file.