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One of the benefits of studying abroad is the opportunity to earn credit towards your UA degree while taking courses around the world. Students can use the Study Abroad Course Equivalency Database to look up courses (and their UA equivalents) at study abroad locations that may interest them.

Things to consider:

  • This table is for students who are participating in non-faculty-led study abroad programs.
    • Students who use this table are studying abroad through an affiliate, exchange, direct enroll, or a non-UA affiliate program.
    • Essentially, students who want to transfer credit back to UA from another university/program should use this table for reference.
  • Students who are approved to study abroad will still have to complete the Study Abroad Credit Approval process prior to departure in order to transfer credits from abroad and ensure the credits will be applied to their UA degree.
    • Instructions on completing the Study Abroad Credit Approval process are found in a student’s online study abroad application.
  • This course database lists courses by institution that will issue the transcript.
    • In many cases, that will NOT be the affiliate program (e.g. ISA, AIFS, etc.), but another domestic or international institution.
    • Be aware, multiple affiliates will host programs at the same institution abroad.
  • Students who are approved to study abroad can also submit new courses for approval if the courses they are looking for are not in the database.
  • This database lists the UA equivalents to courses taken abroad. It DOES NOT list how the courses might apply to every UA student’s degree. Degree applicability is a separate issue that will be unique to each student.


Study Abroad Course Equivalency Database


Please watch the tutorial below to understand how to use the database:

Click here for the tutorial video.