Study Abroad Process Overview

Study Abroad Process Overview

Preparing to study abroad can sometimes seem like an overwhelming or ambiguous process. This process can be different for every student and may be influenced by such factors as academic major, personal interests, class status (i.e. freshman, sophomore etc.), program type, and location.

Though every student’s study abroad experience differs, here is a general overview of the steps students take while applying and preparing to study abroad. If you need help at any point, please utilize the Education Abroad team as a resource to help you along your journey.

Overview of Phase 1- 4 in process


1. Researching

Research programs on our website using the “Program Search.” Consider location, course offerings, costs, and terms programs are available. Start communicating with your college advisor about which courses you should try to take while abroad.

2. Study Abroad 101

Education Abroad holds Study Abroad 101 sessions every week in our office. Come interact with our staff and interns to learn about the study abroad process and our personal experiences abroad!

3. Advising

Schedule an appointment with your study abroad adviser for guidance at any phase during the study abroad process. Appointments can be scheduled online, by phone (205-348-5256) or stop by our office in 144 BB Comer.

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4. Applying: Pre-Decision

To begin an application, click the “Apply Now” button at the bottom of the brochure page of a selected program. ALL Pre-Decision questionnaires and signature documents must be completed before the application can be reviewed and marked as “UA Endorsed”.

5. Applying: Post-Decision

Once the student has been accepted to a program, they must complete ALL of the remaining Post-Decision documents and materials.

6. Courses

Complete the course equivalency process. This allows students to know how their classes abroad will apply to their degree.

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7. Pre-departure Orientation

Students are required to attend Pre-Departure Orientation prior to their trip. Pre-Departure Orientation covers health and safety, security, cultural adjustment, expectations for behavior while abroad, and travel tips.

8. Going Abroad

Go abroad! Engage the local culture and work hard in class! Before returning to UA, students are required to complete various “while abroad” materials in their UA application.

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9. Returning Home

After returning home, many students wish to go again. Meet with our staff to set up another trip. Also consider applying to be an Education Abroad intern and participate in our photo contest. There are many opportunities for students once their study abroad experience has concluded!

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